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In a project for Fierce Wireless Lowenstein is joined by three other leading industry analysts in a 2018 Predictions E-Book. We weigh in on M&A, 5G, IoT, network design, and 'beyond 2018'.
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It's Time to Revisit the 1996 Telecom Act

The ongoing battle over Network Neutrality tells me that our current regulatory structure, largely defined by the 1996 Telecom Act, has become outmoded. With so many changes in technology and industry structure, I believe it's time for a broad strategic review.
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Recent Opinion Pieces

Mark's opinions are featured in his own Lens on Wireless newsletter, Fierce Wireless, Tech.Pinions, and are also occasionally syndicated to Re/Code.

January 2018:
It's Time to Revisit the 1996 Telecom Act

The ongoing battle over Network Neutrality tells me that our current regulatory structure, largely defined by the 1996 Telecom Act, has become outmoded. With so many changes in technology and industry structure, I believe it's time for a broad strategic review. Read the full column...

January 2018:
Why Aren't There More Industries with 'Dyanmic Pricing'?

On a recent episode of Recode’s podcast Too Embarrassed to Ask, Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode interviewed Recharge CEO Manny Bamfo about his startup, which lets customers rent hotel rooms by the minute rather than by the night. In the era of AI and big data, it is curious to me why more industries aren’t doing a better job of optimizing their inventory. Read more...

January 2018:
Some Common-Sense Approaches to Solving the Smartphone Addiction Problem

Let's admit it: most of us are addicted. Solving this issue doesn't require lawsuits, new regulations, apps that tell us how much time we're spending on these devices, or any particularly fancy technology. It does require some common step approaches, both on the user side and the industry side. So here's my prescription. Read the full column...

December 2017:
A Post Net-Neutrality World Order

As this continues to be litigated over the coming months, it might be a good time to think about the best protections from anticompetitive practices, while recognizing the rapid changes occurring in content, digital media, and communications. I urge the major actors in the game to adopt the following Code of Conduct. Read more...

December 2017:
Blocking the AT&T-Time Warner Deal and Repealing Network Neutrality Are Inconsistent

The DOJ is trying to block AT&T’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner,while the repealed network neutrality. When looked at together, these actions reveal a mixed, and inconsistent signal from our government. Read more...

November 2017:
Ten Important Questions About Next Generation Wireless Networks

Next week I’ll be heading to Dallas to participate in the Next Gen Wireless Networks Summit, hosted by FierceWireless. Here are ten key questions we should all be keeping in mind. Read more...

November 2017:
The Four Tiers of Global Wireless Services

As we head into the latter part of this decade, it appears that the ‘digital divide’, which has historically referred to the haves and have-nots of broadband, is hitting wireless services, as well. Read more...

November 2017:
Themes From 5G Americas Meeting

Some major takeaways from the 5G Americas Analyst Meeting. Read more...

October 2017:
An Interesting Battle is Shaping Up on 5G

Even though 5G had been heading in a mmWave, circa 2020 direction, mid-band spectrum is proving to be an important contender for 5G as well. Read more...

October 2017:
T-Mobile and Sprint: It's Time

This deal should have happened, and might be revisited. Read more...

October 2017:
Why is Google Making Phones, Anyway?

Google-branded phones own about 1% share of the smartphone market, have limited carrier distribution, and won’t make real money for several years. So why is Google making phones? Read more...

September 2017:
Five Suggestions For Improving Mapping Services

I spent some time with the folks at hot startup Mapbox, which got me to thinking about ways that these incredibly useful applications could be improved. Read more...

September 2017:
What To Expect At Next Week’s Major Wireless Conference

Big focus on 5G, IoT, unlicensed, and spectrum policy. Read more...

August 2017:
Shows We’d Like To See From Apple’s $1 Billion Content Budget

It has been reported that Apple is planning to spend $1 billion on developing and acquiring content. Here’s a bit of a lighter look at some shows we’d like to see from Apple’s dip into content. Read more...

August 2017:
What Wireless Bands Will the New iPhone Support?

With all the hype around what new whiz-bang features the new iPhone will sport, an under-addressed question, in my view, is whether it support all the new wireless spectrum bands that are being deployed. Read more...

July 2017:
The next year is critical for fixed wireless access

Until now, FWA has been used for 'broadband as a last resort' in rural areas. But with advances in LTE, and testing in the new millimeter wave frequencies, FWA  is now getting a serious look as a potentially viable mainstream broadband service in North America and other developed economies. Read more...

July 2017:
What Industries Have Been Least Disrupted by Tech?

The internet, broadband, and the PC/smartphone have had huge impact on many industries. But I've also been thinking about what industries or consumer experiences have NOT been as significantly affected by tech, at least so far. Read more...

July 2017:
Much Has Changed in Tech in 10 Years…But Much Has Not

There have been numerous columns commemorating the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the iPhone and its impact on consumers, businesses, tech, and various industries. This has me thnking about some other momentous changes in tech over the past well as some areas we thought we'd be further along. Read more...

June 2017:
Five Internet Companies That Need Better Consumer-Facing Customer Service

What are some consumer-oriented Internet companies and brands that need to improve their customer service? My bias is toward actually being able to talk to a human being, in real-time, by phone or via live chat. Read more...

June 2017:
Verizon-AOL-Yahoo: now what?

Verizon has spent $10b+ to amass a fairly formidable combination of assets in the media/content/ad tech spaces. My advice for for Messrs. McAdam & Armstrong, and Ms. Walden on what to do now. Read more...

May 2017:
Review of the Blackberry KeyOne

Our hands-on review of the KeyOne, which became available in the U.S. on May 31. Read more...

May 2017:
Data Consumption Continues to Grow. Why Are Network Equipment Makers Struggling?

Despite the torrid growth of wireless data usage, key network equipment suppliers such as Ericsson and Nokia have been struggling. Why, and what might turn things around? Read more...

May 2017:
Uber Needs a PR Win. How About 'Uber Groceries'?

Uber needs a PR Win. A large number of low-income Americans don’t have a car and/or live in so-called 'food deserts'. This is a match made in heaven. Read more...

April 2017:
The iPhone’s 10th Anniversary Gift should be A Revitalized Apple ‘Experience’

Even with all the hype around the new iPhone, I think that there has been a slow and steady erosion of the vaunted ‘Apple Experience’. Here are my five pillars of how this might be re-imagined. Read more...

April 2017:
Comcast’s Wireless Service Lacks Compelling Reason to Buy

Comcast launched its wireless MVNO in May. Here's my assessment. Read more...

March 2017:
5G Marketing vs. 5G Hype

With the recent announcement of an accelerated timeline for 5G, it's a good opportunity to take stock of where we are. Bottom line: it will occur in stages; it will be messy; and there will be multiple versions/flavors. Read more...

March 2017:
Despite the 5G Hype, There's Still A Compelling Roadmap for 4G

There's still a lot of gas left in the 4G tank, and many of the capabilities of LTE-Advanced Pro exceed what we might see in 'early 5G'. Read more...

March 2017:
Ten Things In Tech That Should Be Easier.

In an era of self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and drones that can deliver packages, why is it so hard to turn on the damn TV? My list of things in everyday consumer tech that should be easier. Read more...

February 2017:
Unlimited Changes the Network Calculus.

Now that unlimited seems to be the default, I believe the competitive battleground will increasingly shift to network management and capacity. It will also spurn industry consolidation. Read more...

January 2017:
Will Wireless Ever Replace Broadband?

It’s 2020. 5G wireless is being rolled out, with speeds exceeding 10 Gbps, latency below 1 millisecond, and the ability to accommodate vastly more traffic and connections. Will the average household be able to go wireless only? Read more...


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