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Reflecting on MWC 2019: Network Edition

If I were to boil it down to three things, it was 5G, edge computing, and antennas!! Here are my takeaways from MWC 2019 Barcelona.

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The China Situation: Three Possible Outcomes

The "China Situation" and 5G are playing out like a fascinating business/political/industrial policy chess match. In this piece, I take a classic business case approach of developing three possible outcomes: base case, optimistic case, and pessimistic case.



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Mark's opinions are featured in his own Lens on Wireless newsletter, Fierce Wireless, Tech.Pinions, and are also occasionally syndicated to Re/Code.

March 2019:
Reflecting on MWC 2019: Network Edition

If I were to boil it down to three things, it was 5G, edge computing, and antennas!! Here are my takeaways from MWC 2019 Barcelona. Full Column...

February 2019:
The China Situation: Three Possible Outcomes

The "China Situation" and 5G are playing out like a fascinating business/political/industrial policy chess match. In this piece, I take a classic business case approach of developing three possible outcomes: base case, optimistic case, and pessimistic case. Read more...

February 2019:
Apple Should Take the Lead in 'Digital Drivers Ed'

In this column, I argue that Apple is in a unique position to take the lead on issues related to privacy and security. Read more...

January 2019:
Garmin's Place in the Fitness Wearables Ecosystem

My views on how Garmin can build its share in the active part of smartwatch market. Read more...

January 2019:
Setting the Ground Rules For What Qualifies as 5G:

As 5G services get launched, I recommend some ground rules: what can be officially called 5G; what is fair to call a 5G launch; and what the 5G experience is going to look like. Read more...

January 2019:
U.S. Operator Strategic Priorities for 2019

In these two columns, I discuss the key strategic priorities of the main U.S. service providers. Part 1: AT&T and Verizon Part 2: Sprint and T-Mobile

October 2018:
5G Is Going to Be Really, Really Different from 4G

While Iím optimistic about the prospects for 5G in the longer term, I think weíre in a particular period of pre-5G hype cycle, where a dose of reality is needed. A key to understand is that itís going to be very, very different than 4G. Read more...

October 2018:
Operators Should Charge A Premium for 5G...But Not Initially

been remarkably little discussion about pricing strategy. In this column, I discuss possible pricing options for mobile 5G services. But there are some key benchmarks in terms of coverage and performance that must be reached before they can charge a premium price for 5G. Read more...

October 2018:
Comcast's Impressive Evolution

The company deserves a lot of credit for what I think is a successful turnaround of its Xfinity TV-Internet-Phone business. My recent experience as a returning customer...

September 2018:
MWCA: Key Takeaways

Lots of fcous on 5G, edge computing, blockchain, and positive momentum on infrastructure. Some of the coolest stuff revolved around smart antenna technology, and, believe or not, voice and messaging! Read More.

September 2018:
The 'Post-PC' Era Never Really Happened...and Probably Won't

With Apple's recent announcements, I thought it might be a good opportunity to take stock of where we are with Steve Jobs' proclaimed 'post PC' era.... Read more.

August 2018:
The Great Tech Questioning

The past year has been a challenging one for tech, what with #metoo moments, data breaches, unseemly use of power, Ďfake newsí, Russia meddling, etc. Iím hoping that all this is the catalyst for some important conversations about the long-term effects of tech acceleration on the future of how we live, work, and get around. Read More.

September 2018:
The Business Case for Fixed Wireless Access

In this detailed study, Mobile Ecosystem looks at the business case for FWA in North America and western Europe, for both mmWave and sub-6 GHz. Our analysis incorporates key technology, geography/topography, regulatory, and market variables. NetComm has generously provided for a free download.

July 2018:
The Second Half of 2018 Will Be Much More Interesting Than The First Half

Other than industry M&A, the first half of 2018 wasn't too exciting from a product and service standpoint. But 2H 2018 will feature 5G launches, auctions, and lots of other interesting developments. Here's my preview

July 2018:
Mobile Operators Need to Reconfigure Themselves to Sell 5G

Success in 5G is going to be very different than success in 4G. It will require a very different sales and marketing structure at the operators. Here's What They Need to Think About

July 2018:
OTT Television Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

There's a glut of offerings, with more coming – and with it the inevitable fragmentation and customer confusion. How might it get better? Here's What They Need to Think About

July 2018:
Capacity is the Name of the Game in the Future of Wireless

As the debate about the merits of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. It's important to look at the broader context of how the wireless and broadband industries are evolving, and how capacity is a major dictator of the type of service that wireless operators can offer consumers. Read more

June 2018:
Telecom and Mobile Implications of the AT&T-Time Warner Deal

My views on the broad implications of the deal, and more specifically what it means for the telecom and mobile landscape. Read more

June 2018:
Top Tech Things We Take for Granted

With all the [often deserved] negativity about the tech industry this year, it might not be a bad exercise to step back and recognize some of the good things about tech. Read more

June 2018:
What is 'Forecastable' About 5G?

A frequently asked question of industry analysts is "how big is the 5G market going to be?" The real answer is that although it might be possible to forecast the size of certain aspects of 5G, it is nearly impossible to forecast the 5G market as an aggregate entity. Read more

June 2018:
Impressions from the AT&T Shape Event

AT&T held its second annual Shape conference, billed as the convergence of technology and entertainment. As one of a small group of analysts who attended the event, I thought I'd share some top-level impressions. Here's my preview

May 2018:
Why Regulators Should Approve the T-Mobile/Sprint Deal

On the heels of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger announcement (Round 3), the market has been pessimistic, with consensus on the Street that chances of approval stands at less than 50%. I disagree. If T-Mobile and Sprint play their cards right, the chances of getting the deal through this time 'round are much better. Here are some of the main points I believe regulators should consider. Read more

May 2018:
A Lot Needs to Happen Before Self-Driving Cars Are A Reality

Exciting as the possibility, I think the viability of a full-fledged self-driving car in the day-to-day real world is further off than many believe. Read more

April 2018:
Silicon Valley, telcos and data: We own this too

This has been a time of significant conversation about the relationship between tech companies and consumers. The telcos need to step up, too. Read more

March 2018:
Wearable Device and Fitness App Companies Should Share More Trend Data

ISome ten years into the wearable device/fitness app market, remarkably little is shared from the treasure trove of information that the leading companies possess. Read more

March 2018:
Itís the U.S. vs. China in the 5G Olympics

Russia might be winning the cyberwars, but it's China that is emerging to challenge the United States for Global 5G dominance. This issue has crystallized in days pre- and post- the 5G-themed Mobile World Congress. And with the Trump administration blocking the Broadcomm deal, the Games have apparently already begun. Read more

February 2018:
Google, Facebook, and Twitter: Uncle Sam Needs You

I believe it is time to start having a serious conversation about the role these companies should play in our national interests. If cyberattacks represent among the greatest dangers to the international community today, one could argue that companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter could be the digital/information equivalent of giant defense contractors such as Raytheon and Northrop Grumman Read more

February 2018:
The number portability database migrates in April: Is the industry ready?

The NPAC, which administers number portability and call routing, is scheduled to switch from Neustar to iconnetiv in April. This is a giant industry IT project...and there are questions on whether the we're ready for the cutover and whether a sufficient rollback mechanism exists. Read more

February 2018:
Learnings from Qualcomm's 5G Day

This past week, Qualcomm hosted analysts for a ‘5G Day’, where they charted their progress on 5G and announced 18 operator and 19 OEM commitments to their X50 5G chipset. This presents a good opportunity to reflect on the state of 5G. Read the full column...

January 2018:
We Don't Need to Nationalize 5G, But Here's How the Government Can Help

The wireless world is aswirl with reports that national security officials are considering a plan to take control of 5G networks. It's not going to happen, but the National Security Council proposal serves a useful purpose: as the catalyst for a conversation about the role of government in our next-generation broadband network. Read the full column...

January 2018:
It's Time to Revisit the 1996 Telecom Act

The ongoing battle over Network Neutrality tells me that our current regulatory structure, largely defined by the 1996 Telecom Act, has become outmoded. With so many changes in technology and industry structure, I believe it's time for a broad strategic review. Read the full column...

January 2018:
Why Aren't There More Industries with 'Dyanmic Pricing'?

On a recent episode of Recodeís podcast Too Embarrassed to Ask, Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode interviewed Recharge CEO Manny Bamfo about his startup, which lets customers rent hotel rooms by the minute rather than by the night. In the era of AI and big data, it is curious to me why more industries arenít doing a better job of optimizing their inventory. Read more...

January 2018:
Some Common-Sense Approaches to Solving the Smartphone Addiction Problem

Let's admit it: most of us are addicted. Solving this issue doesn't require lawsuits, new regulations, apps that tell us how much time we're spending on these devices, or any particularly fancy technology. It does require some common step approaches, both on the user side and the industry side. So here's my prescription. Read the full column...


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