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mobileJAM Bootcamp™

Wireless BootCamp is an intense training session, designed to demistify the world of wireless and get your organization M-telligent™. We designed Wireless BootCamp because of the rapidly broadening mobile value chain.  Many new industry “players” are from outside the traditional wireless ecosystem – and they need to know the essentials: wireless industry’s structure and value chain, key players, the fundamental technologies, business models, market metrics, and product/service direction.  They also need to understand the “mindset” of some of the prominent decision-makers at operators and enterprises. 

Wireless BootCamp sessions have been conducted for: corporate end-users, product groups, sales forces, advertising/PR firms, media and entertainment executives, and members of the investment community.
Sample Wireless BootCamp Agenda
  Wireless Industry overview – key players and value chain
  Important business and technology terms (in 15 minutes or less)
  Network overview: 3G, 4G, and all the key acronyms you need to know
  Wireless Voice: the essentials of service plans, pricing, features, metrics
  Mobile devices: what you need to know about technology, features, capabilities, user interface
  Mobile data: important products, applications, industry participants, business models
  Regulation (the absolute minimum you need to know…promise)
  Additional Modules
  Operator Mindset: how a typical mobile operator is structured, how decisions are made, what are their key metrics and business drivers, and what are the pitfalls to avoid
  Enterprise Mindset: the current enterprise state of mind with respect to mobile products and services. 
Target Audience:
  Executive teams: This is a rapid-fire way to bring your industry team up-to-date on the forces shaping the wireless industry.
  Sales Forces: Large numbers of salespeople are suddenly being shifted to sell mobile-centric projects and products.Companies such as Dell, IBM, Oracle, and Sybase SAP, Peoplesoft, and Sybase are intensifying their mobile focus, and need to get a large and varied sales force M-Telligent™. Quickly.
  Start-Up Companies: Get your new employees M-Telligent™, and level the playing field
  Advertising Agencies: Last week your ad team was working on a soap campaign for P&G. This week they're pitching one of the largest wireless carriers.
  The Financial Community: Buy and sell-side research, venture capitalists, investment bankers, salespeople.
  Employee Training: If your company participates anywhere in the Mobile Ecosystem, employees must have a certain level of M-Telligence™. Have a Wireless Bootcamp session be part of your new employee orientation and ongoing training.
  Distribution Channel: Retail sales, specialty stores, sales managers, VARs.