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Lens on Wireless
  The mobileDashboard is a quarterly "state of the industry" analysis. Drawing on the depth and experience of Mark Lowenstein as well as some key partners, the Dashboard is a creative, in-depth view of key developments and trends across the wireless industry.

What is it?

Drawing upon the depth and experience of Mark Lowenstein, as well as some key industry partners, the mobileDashboard provides a quarterly in-depth analysis of key developments in the wireless industry, including: wireless operator strategies; network evolution; device trends; hot new consumer and enterprise applications; regulatory developments; business model shifts; and our “technology watch list” of hot new companies, key investment trends, and exciting new products and services. 

Who is it for?

The mobileDashboard is for individuals across the value chain who need to have a broad, up-to-date view of the latest developments in the wireless industry. Those who are regularly taking advantage of the mobileDashboard include marketing and product development executives, and those involved in selling mobile products and services – from direct to retail sales. 

Individuals who are “outside” the traditional mobile value chain are, increasingly, mobileDashboard customers.  Examples include:

  • Executives at media and entertainment companies needing to understand wireless industry dynamics
  • Content developers and publishers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Those in the broader “Internet” ecosystem who are focused on the mobile opportunity

How is it Delivered?

mobileDashboard Standard is delivered as a hard copy product, Webinar, or on-site presentation.

mobileDashboard Custom is developed for the needs of a particular client, who might request specific add-on modules or areas of focus. 

To learn more about the mobileDashboard and to receive a sample presentation, please contact Mobile Ecosystem at dashboard@m-ecosystem.com.