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Lens on Wireless
  M-Telligence Products

In addition to its suite of consulting and advisory services, Mobile Ecosystem has developed a suite of products focused on helping mobile and digital media executives navigate the fast-paced, ever-changing composition of the wireless communications industry. 

  M-Telligence™ is the umbrella for Mobile Ecosystem products and services, which include:

Drawing upon the depth and experience of Mark Lowenstein, as well as key industry partners, the Dashboard provides a quarterly in-depth analysis of key developments in the wireless industry.

  mobileJAM Bootcamp™

mobileJAM BootCamp™ is an intense training session, designed to demistify the world of wireless and get your organization M-telligent™. We designed Wireless BootCamp because of the rapidly broadening mobile value chain.  Many new industry “players” are from outside the traditional wireless ecosystem – and they need to know the basics: wireless industry’s structure and value chain, key players, the fundamental technologies, business models, market metrics, and product/service direction.  They also need to know understand the “mindset” of some of the prominent decision-makers at operators and enterprises. 

Wireless BootCamp sessions have been conducted for: corporate end-users, product groups, sales forces, advertising/PR firms, media and entertainment executives, and members of the investment community.