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Lens on Wireless
  mobileDashboard™ - Sample Agenda  

The mobileDashboard™ tracks trends across each of the major sectors throughout the wireless industry. Following is a sample agenda for the mobileDashboard™ presentation.

Executive Overview
Key Themes for the coming quarter
Industry metric watch
Business model evolution
dot Key deals: M&A, high-profile VC investments
Service Provider Strategies
Our analysis of strategic differentiation across several major categories.  Grouped into “Big Four” (VZ, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) and “Regional Operators” (ie. Alltel, US Cellular, Metro, Virgin).
Financial Highlights
New Product Developments
New Pricing and Service Offerings
Key Partnerships
Competitive Differentiators
Network Evolution
3G and 4G rollout status and technology developments
Key technology developments (IP, IMS, etc)
Device Trends
Key device launches - past quarter and projected
Assessment of key vendors
Developments in handset technology, design, features/capabilities
What's Hot and What's Not in Products and Applications
Trends in Consumer Applications
Trends in Enterprise Applications
Key Regulatory Developments
Spectrum auctions
Major issues on regulatory docket
The Mobile Ecosystem "Watch List"
Hot new technologies and applications
Exciting start-up companies
Investment summary: M&A, VC investments
Q&A and Discussion